Spokane makes the case

Route 50 reporter Bill Lucia recently sat down with Spokane, WA Mayor David Condon to discuss some of the cool things he’s been able to accomplish as mayor.

The city’s top employers in 2017 included Fairchild Air Force Base, Providence Health Care, and the state of Washington, according to Spokane’s most recent financial report. But the report adds that medium-sized employers, in fields like advanced manufacturing, health services, finance and insurance, have helped to drive the city’s economic recovery since the Great Recession.

In the backdrop of the city’s work to recruit young professionals and desirable companies are investments it has made in recent years in infrastructure—like $64 million of borrowing to redevelop a park at a former World’s Fair site, and a massive wastewater project.

“We’re just finishing up. It’s a $350 million project,” Condon said. “We’re moving about 50 million gallons of sewage out of our river.”

“Spokane’s on a gorgeous river,” he boasted.

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