Mayor David Holt in Politico

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt was able to weigh in on the rise in prominence of South Bend, IN Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg among Democratic presidential primary hopefuls in an article that ran in Politico.

“David Holt, the Republican mayor of Oklahoma City, said it is possible that Garcetti and de Blasio, among other high-profile mayors, were burdened by being known too well by Democrats. Buttigieg’s relative anonymity offered his supporters the excitement of discovering something new.
“Pete was a fresh face, and I think he significantly benefited from that in this process,” Holt said. “If they’d never heard of Cory Booker for some reason three months ago, then I think they’d be pretty excited about him, too. But he and other
known candidates have been known quantities for a [long] time.””
Read the entire article by Politico’s David Siders here.