All across America, Republican Mayors and City Council members are implementing innovative ideas, lowering taxes, creating more job opportunities and achieving meaningful reform.  These Republican municipal leaders are America’s doers. They are transforming our cities for the better, driving economic growth, reinventing municipal government and getting results. They are moving America forward!

Unlike their state and federal counterparts, America’s local leaders live and work in the very communities they represent. Their constituents are the families they see in the workplace, at the grocery store, or out and about in the community every single day. Choosing to push a problem in need of a solution off to another day, or legislative session, is not an option for these local leaders. They must govern and lead practically, in a principled, efficient, and effective manner. These selfless individuals, and the communities they represent, are the ideas engines that will help propel America down a path where every community has the opportunity to thrive and prosper for generations to come.

CLA, founded in 2013, is driven by a straightforward 3-pronged mission: Political, Policy, and Communications. The successful execution of this mission ensures that the nation’s local elected officials are able to serve the citizens in their communities in the most efficient, effective, and responsive manner possible.

CLA Mayor and City Council Member Core Principles

      • Stimulate job growth by establishing a sustainable business environment that promotes opportunity and prosperity for everyone
      • Ensure public safety and protect civil liberties in our communities
      • Enhance quality of life by promoting infrastructure improvements and providing necessary services in the most effective and efficient manner possible
      • Protect taxpayer resources through implementation of common sense fiscal management

CLA Steering Committee:
Mayor David Condon – Spokane, WA
Vice Chair
Mayor Acquanetta Warren – Fontana, CA
Mayor Betsy Price – Fort Worth, TX
Mayor John Suthers – Colorado Springs, CO
Mayor Jeff Longwell – Wichita, KS
Mayor Michael Bodker – Johns Creek, GA
Council Member Heather Hall – Kansas City, MO
Council Member Aimee Melton – Omaha, NE
Council Member Bryan Frye – Wichita, KS
Council Member Marsha Berzins – Aurora, CO