Mayor David Holt in Politico

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt was able to weigh in on the rise in prominence of South Bend, IN Democratic Mayor Pete Buttigieg among Democratic presidential primary hopefuls in an article that ran in Politico.

“David Holt, the Republican mayor of Oklahoma City, said it is possible that Garcetti and de Blasio, among other high-profile mayors, were burdened by being known too well by Democrats. Buttigieg’s relative anonymity offered his supporters the excitement of discovering something new.
“Pete was a fresh face, and I think he significantly benefited from that in this process,” Holt said. “If they’d never heard of Cory Booker for some reason three months ago, then I think they’d be pretty excited about him, too. But he and other
known candidates have been known quantities for a [long] time.””
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This Republican Mayor Has a Good Point About Going Green

Spokane, WA Mayor, and CLA Chairman David Condon is featured in a Governing commentary talking about the truly creative work he’s lead in his community around affordable, successful sustainability. The commentary by Governing Publisher Mark Funkhouser is titled This Republican Has a Good Point About Going Green.
Spokane Mayor David Condon (AP)

A retired Army officer and a former top aide to a Republican congresswoman, Condon might seem to some an unlikely figure to be a champion of such policies. But achieving environmental sustainability while maintaining fiscal responsibility has been high on his agenda over his two terms as mayor.

The shaping of Spokane’s environmental sustainability program started with a trip to Washington, D.C., in 2012. Like a lot of older cities, Spokane has a combined sewer system that was dumping untreated waste into the Spokane River during major storms. “It began when I sat in the [Environmental Protection Agency] offices in D.C.,” Condon told me. “They gave me two choices: Ask for a consent decree and blame it on us or do integrated planning. I called up our regional office of the EPA and began integrated planning.” The idea is to look at the city’s operations holistically. That resulted in some re-thinking of its governmental structure. To better control runoff from the streets into the sewers, for example, the streets department is now managed by the utilities department.
You can read the entire commentary on leadership by Mark Funkhouser here.

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OKC Mayor David Holt on Opportunity Zones

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt was recently quoted in an article for Governing highlighting the work his city is doing to continue to expand opportunity for the people of Oklahoma City around Opportunity Zones.
Oklahoma City’s downtown opportunity zone also covers its tax increment financing district, allowing investors to benefit from both programs. And thanks to a 2017 ballot initiative in which voters approved $50 million for job creation, the city is able to negotiate additional tax incentives for businesses in return for an agreed-upon number of jobs to be created. Mayor David Holt says he plans to use all the tools available to attract opportunity zone businesses to his city.
“If you are looking for ways for cities to not just sit back and wait for people to invest in opportunity zones,” Holt says, “we have a little to play with.”
“If nothing else, opportunity zones get people looking around at places around the country,” Holt says. “So maybe people look at the best deal in OKC and invest here instead of the 200th best deal in Los Angeles.”
You can read the entire article by J. Brian Charles here.

John Suthers wins in Colorado Springs

To: CLA Partners and Friends
From: Tim Barnes, CLA President
Re: Colorado Springs Mayoral Election Results
Tonight the voters of Colorado Springs declared with their votes that John Suthers has earned a second term as mayor. He was re-elected with 75% of the vote in a 4-way race. Join me in congratulating Mayor Suthers on his 6th election victory in service to the people of Colorado!

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Curry Wins Again in Jacksonville

CLA Election Night Update
To: CLA Partners and Friends
From: Tim Barnes – CLA President
Date: March 19, 2019
Re: Jacksonville, FL Election Results
Tonight Jacksonville, FL’s Mayor Lenny Curry (R) was rewarded by voters for a job well done with a 2nd term. Curry won his 4-way re-election with 58% of the vote. Congratulations Mayor Curry on a job very well done and a tremendous victory.
Details are below. 

Spokane makes the case

Route 50 reporter Bill Lucia recently sat down with Spokane, WA Mayor David Condon to discuss some of the cool things he’s been able to accomplish as mayor.

The city’s top employers in 2017 included Fairchild Air Force Base, Providence Health Care, and the state of Washington, according to Spokane’s most recent financial report. But the report adds that medium-sized employers, in fields like advanced manufacturing, health services, finance and insurance, have helped to drive the city’s economic recovery since the Great Recession.

In the backdrop of the city’s work to recruit young professionals and desirable companies are investments it has made in recent years in infrastructure—like $64 million of borrowing to redevelop a park at a former World’s Fair site, and a massive wastewater project.

“We’re just finishing up. It’s a $350 million project,” Condon said. “We’re moving about 50 million gallons of sewage out of our river.”

“Spokane’s on a gorgeous river,” he boasted.

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