What Forum Members Say About CLA-FCL

“Back in 2010 when I was first elected, there was no national organization dedicated to supporting Republican city and county elected officials. No national strategy. No national caucus. No national voice. Community Leaders of America changed all of that. Today, I can connect immediately with my fellow Republican local colleagues – from across the country. Today, I can learn about what’s working in other communities across the country, and I can share with other communities what’s working in our community. Working with partners and caucus members alike – CLA is getting it done for our communities.”

Acquanetta Warren | Mayor of Fontana, CA | 2010 – Present |CLA Chairwoman

“When I have the opportunity to attend a CLA-FCL conference I know that I’ll be returning to my city having heard from some of the best and brightest this nation has to offer. The solutions that are developed at the local level are the solutions this country needs – and CLA-FCL is the place where those solutions are shared. There’s always work to be done to make our communities stronger – CLA is a place where I know real work is being done.

Heather Hall | Councilwoman, Kansas City, MO | 2015 – Present

Among this group of Republican local leaders there’s an attitude of selfless public service from a diverse group of men and women from a diverse group of counties, cities and towns. That we are able to come together under the umbrella that has been created by CLA – to learn, to share and to serve together is really quite special. CLA caucus members may not share identical backgrounds, but we do share in a principled approach to learning and leadership that leads to strong communities. 

John Suthers | Mayor Colorado Springs, CO | 2015 – Present