Three ways to keep communities moving forward


Recently CLA-FCL Chairwoman Mayor Acquanetta Warren of Fontana, CA, alongside former Indianapolis, IN Mayor Greg Ballard wrote an op-ed for The Hill that addresses the importance of creating a manageable and forward looking framework that communities of all sizes can apply to get their local economies back up and running during this new pandemic era. The piece suggests a set of principles that recognize the economic, societal, and community importance of local businesses and the families they support. 

As a nation, we continue to work very hard to shut down the physical effects of this virus. But as we make an effort to combat the physical effects, we can’t let our economy be shut down at the same time. The economic health of local communities during this pandemic is essential for the success and opportunity for every single person in America’s cities and towns. 

The responsive innovations to this crisis have brought out the best in our nation — from individuals, small business, big business and, yes, even from government leaders.